What have we been doing for the past year?

We’re back! Ok, we never really went away but now that we have a shiny new website. That means it’s time to start publishing things again.
What have we been up to? Many things OneStream and Hyperion.
Most of our recent Hyperion jobs have been epbcs. It’s a very out of the box tool these days, but we enjoy the challenge of making the most of it for our clients. The differentiator is the training we provide that makes it easier for the client to take over.
It’s more interesting for us to do OneStream implementations. After a year of project development there was a learning curve, but the fundamentals are similar. A combination of financial skills and technical acumen to best help your business.
We spent a lot of the past year implementing OneStream at Structure Tone. It was an interesting experience in how we learned both out of the box People Planning and a cube based one. Out of the box is great for most people, but cube based can be really useful for companies that have to make continual changes to their employees. I like out of the box for the ability to scale. Like Thing Planning, a relational table makes a huge difference in handling large amounts of data.
We are enjoying the freedom of development that OneStream gives you . As Oracle becomes more locked down, OneStream allows me to be creative for my clients. It’s not just the ability to scale the data that I mentioned, it’s the new BI capabilities built into it that look like they will have enormous possibilities.
We’re now working on another OneStream project and looking forward to doing more in the next year. Contact us if we can help you to decide what software works best for your needs.