Splash 22

Back after 3 years, it’s my report from Splash. I’ve been writing one of these every year since Chicago in 2017.

The first thing I noticed: The Size difference in the conference between those years is incredible. Chicago had 700 total and 35 people in the partner meeting, this year had over 1800 and 400 partner attendees. Proud to be there, still doing what I can to make Brass Tacks a gold partner and beyond. There were a lot of people new to the software. It’s impressive to see the huge growth in customers. Tons of new OneStream people that were new to the company as well. I was very happy that a lot of these new employees had heard of Brass Tacks.

I used to try to talk to as many sales people as I could on a regular basis, but now there are too many to do that. It was great to see many of the ones that I’ve known for years, even though lots of people at OneStream are in different positions. Customer success is a fairly new position that has a lot of attention.

After 3 years apart it was good to see people I haven’t seen since Splash New Orleans. Past clients, other partners, even returning faces from my Hyperion days that are now new to OneStream. One of the best things at conferences is how many returning faces you see. There were a lot of people that I had only met virtually and enjoyed putting a face and name together.

As for the software itself. There are a ton of new features coming. Not surprising at all for OneStream.  With so many features already, I expect more all the time.  It’s all ever-expanding.  More users, more features. More and more that can be done with the software.  Don’t think I can tell you about all of these but I can mention the new browser interface. Picture?

Events like every Splash were well organized.  My clients told me that there were lots of good sessions to give them ideas on where to go from here.

As always, if you need experienced consultants, please reach out to me at lmanekin@brasstacksepm.com