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Brass Tacks EPM is a services firm specializing in digital transformation for finance offices and beyond. We automate and transform your enterprise with leading solutions, including OneStream software. 

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For 20 years, we’ve kept a laser-sharp focus on delivering the best EPM solutions. Our services span the full development life cycle — no matter where you are in your process, our consulting team can help.

Your organization’s success depends on seeing the real-time, full-picture view of the numbers driving costs and revenue. A combination of the right technology and the best strategic partner helps you achieve this perspective and allows you to make informed decisions. See how Brass Tacks EPM can brings both technology and strategy to your organization. Take your business where it’s meant to go.

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Evaluations & Consultations

Discover exactly what you need to do to reach your goals. Our detailed assessments and prioritized roadmaps will help you take the next step and start seeing results.
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Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Quality financial planning combines facts and variables in a reliably insightful and predictive way
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Upgrades & Migrations

Gain a competitive edge with new and improved tools. Our infrastructure team and applications experts collaborate to deliver seamless, turnkey upgrades and migrations.
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Data Management

Data Management

Make better decisions based on reliable, relevant data and a holistic view of your business.
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