EPM Integration

Transition seamlessly for a faster and more efficient ROI.

If your Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system is the frame of the house, your data and metadata are the electrical and plumbing. Efficient, controlled, consistent integration among systems provides the accuracy and reliability that users need to perform their tasks and provide data your business needs. Our EPM system replaces manual processes with backend automation significantly speeds up processes and reduces the risk of human error, allowing your team to spend more time on analysis and less time on data movement

At Brass Tacks EPM, we understand that the ROI for your EPM directly depends on a successful integration of metadata and data. Automated, scalable, and audit-friendly are the fundamentals that create the cornerstone for our implementation process. The result of your integration is minimal maintenance and the elimination of hard coding — and with it the elimination of project scope and budget creep.


High-performance data and metadata integrations.

Customized solutions tailored to fit the requirements of your business needs.

Rely on a seasoned team that thoroughly tests and understands every new release.

Improve reporting and distribution of financial information

Flexible solutions requiring minimal maintenance.

Integrations that can be manged either by business personnel with technical acumen or IT personnel.

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