Why We Added OneStream to Our Portfolio

This wasn’t an easy decision for us.  Oracle Hyperion has been good to me for many years.  We spent a lot of time evaluating the direction that Oracle is taking and it’s competitors before deciding to become a OneStream partner.

We have been very impressed with the capabilities of OneStream since our training.  It has all of the tools in multiple Hyperion products in one place without added purchases.  Financial Close, budgeting, dashboards and reporting.  All of it.  I’m someone who has worked across the entire Hyperion portfolio for years.  Not new to this, or specialized in one or two of their products. I feel very confident in comparing them both.

The customization is key for us.  Most of my clients have preferred that kind of specialization to their business needs rather than adapt their business to the software.  Oracle is on the path of having you adapt to them, where OneStream will adapt to you. OneStream is a consolidated product that does all of this.  OneStream runs the same software in both cloud and on-premise environments.  I think the cloud environment is great for clients who need it, but I prefer to see customers given a choice.

I haven’t found a familiar feature in Oracle that OneStream isn’t doing as well or better.

Brass Tacks is still installing Hyperion products.  We have years of experience in a wide variety of them.  But I don’t think Hyperion is acting like the future.  In their push to the cloud, they are slowly stopping support for the on-premise systems.  That’s a mistake.   The change goes deeper than the difference in the interface.  Oracle has been the standard, but they are moving towards standardization of experience.  That means less flexibility and on the cloud exclusively.  While that out of the box solution is a cost saver to many clients, others need software that adapts to their business needs.  Oracle’s goal is to have less work done by developers and more by an in-house client team that can maintain it after development.  Their reasoning behind comes from clients with problematic Oracle implementations.  As I have said here often; choosing the right team is key.  I’m proud of leaving my clients self-sufficient when the development is done.  Oracle should be encouraging customers to choose the best consultants instead of hobbling their software.

Which do you need?  The key service that Brass Tacks provides is our financial knowledge that we can use to translate your needs into actions.  Brass Tacks is composed of consultants who have experience in implementing all of these tools across a variety of clients.

What are your needs as a client? How do you know the pros and cons without being sold? Contact us for an informed and impartial evaluation